Martha Blom-Cooper
Former Director of Professional Standards for the Parole Board

"Andrew, without exceptions, maintains a very positive and constructive approach and this has enabled other stakeholders to work together to resolve issues, whereas in the past the relationships have been typified by criticism and defensiveness. I have observed Andrew as having played a key role in making this shift happen, not least in his role as Chair of the Association of Prison Lawyers, and it is now proving a strong basis on which all stakeholders are working together to transform and improve the process for all those involved."

Kate Markus, Barrister

R (on the application of) S & KF (Prisoners Earnings Act) - [2012] EWHC 1810

"It was a really complicated piece of litigation. He was brilliant as an instructing solicitor, dealing with clients, opponent, court and LSC in respect of some very tricky issues and including some extremely complicated case management. He was a strong team player, working through factual and legal issues, gathering evidence and scrutinising legal submissions. He made a huge contribution to thinking through the legal arguments, considering the case from all angles and working out what evidence would support it. He put in vast amounts of time, far more than he would ever be remunerated for because his highest priority was to do the case justice."

Kristen Bender, Solicitor

"Andrew Sperling has, for many years, employed his impressive legal knowledge, determination, commitment and empathy as a means of obtaining positive results for legally aided clients and those who are most at risk of such breaches. Importantly Mr Sperling has never ceased to provide honest and accurate legal advice to those who need it most."

Andrew Sperling
Legal Consultant